Science and Religions as Open Intelligence
The 4th International Symposium on Generalized Science of Humanity
Tokyo, 10-11 December 2007. The Nippon Zaidan Building, 1-2-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Cosponsored by :
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA),
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS).
 ●  Association Pasteur Japon.
 ●  Fondation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa.
Special cooperation: Japan Association for Cultural Exchange (ACE Japan)
Supported by the Nikkei Newspaper.

Monday, 10 December
Welcome Remarks by Masatoshi WATANABE, President, Association Pasteur Japon and
Akinori SEKI, Administrator, Fondation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa.
13:10 Hideaki NAKATANI, Professor, ILCAA, TUFS
  Generalized Science of Humanity for Open Intelligence.
13:20 Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX, Professor, Collège de France & Institut Pasteur
  Toward a Neuroscience of the Capable Person : Unity, Diversity and Oneself-as-Another.
14:45 Toshitaka HIDAKA, Former Directeur-General, The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature.
  “Understanding” in animals.
15:25 Ichiro YAMANAKA, Director, The Kyoto University Museum (Kyoto)
  Ability of Homo erectus’ Stone-tool Making
— An Observation on a Handaxe dated at 350,000 Years.
16:15 Toru OHTSU, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
  Mythological and Religious Characteristics in the Ritsu-ryo Tenno Regime of Ancient Japan.
16:55 Tsuyoshi KOJIMA, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Chinese Intelligence: Neo-Confucianism Cosmology and Anthropology.
17:35 Hideaki NAKATANI, Professor, ILCAA, TUFS
  Indian Intelligence : Buddha’s Longing for Open Intelligence.
18:15 Reception

Tuesday, 11 December
13:00 Kazuo OHTSUKA, Director, ILCAA, TUFS
  Four Additional Lines to the Issue of the "Islamic Knowledge".
13:40 Hiroshi ICHIKAWA, Professor, University of Tokyo
  Openness of the Talmudic Reasoning : Struggle against Idolatry.
14:20 Katsutoshi UCHIYAMA, Professor emeritus, Kyoto University


Between Lore and Science - Some Aspects of Greek Philosophy.


Panel Discussion


Moderator: Mitsuru MIYATA, Senior Manager, Bio Center, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Katsuhiko MIKOSHIBA (Group Director, Riken Brain Science Institute), Takahiro NAKAJIMA (Professor, Tokyo University), J.P. CHANGEUX, T. HIDAKA, K. UCHIYAMA, H.NAKATANI.
17:50 Closing Address by Ikuo KAMEYAMA, President, TUFS

● Simultaneous Interpretation (Japanese-English and English-Japanese).
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