Formation of Consciousness, Change of Cognition
- For Our Better Global Community -

24 January 2009, Maison Franco-Japonaise (Ebisu, Tokyo).

Cosponsored by :

● Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA),Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS).
     ● Association Franco-Japonaise des Etudes Orientales, Japon.
Supported by the Maison Franco-Japonaise, Tokyo, Japan.

10:30     Welcome Remarks by Koji MIYAZAKI, Vice-president, TUFS.
10:35 Hideaki NAKATANI, Professor, ILCAA, TUFS
  Transformation of Cognition by the Buddha.
11:20 Ikuo KAMEYAMA, President, TUFS
  Dostoevsky and the Patricide.
13:00 Yoshiro IMAEDA, Director of Research, CNRS (France)
  The Encounter of Europe with the Buddhism.
13:45 Michael WITZEL, Professor, Harvard University; Invited Professor at ILCAA, TUFS
  Change of Consciousness in Siberian and South Eurasian Shamanisms.
14:45 Kazushige SHINGU, Professor, Kyoto University
  Creation of Myth through Dream Telling.
15:30 Tsutomu NAKADA, Director, Center for Integrated Human Brain Science, Niigata Univer.
  Formaiton of Mind in Genetic and Epigenetic Conditions.
16:30 Panel Discussion :
  Formation of Consciousness, Change of Cognition 
Toshitka HIDAKA, Director-General, Research Institute for
Humanity and Nature (Kyoto). 
Yuria MORI, Professor, Waseda University, I. KAMEYAMA,
17:30 Closing Address by Ikuo KAMEYAMA, President, TUFS
17:35 Wine & Canapes

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